What to Wear on a Date | Movies + Dinner

"I never know what to wear on date night!" 

One thing I constantly hear women talking about is that they don't have anything sexy in their closet. Whether it's a first date, a 2 year anniversary or 10 years in -- we all want to finish getting ready and have our guys jaw drop. Am I right?

Today we are launching a new series -- date nights. Twice a month I will be posting different date scenarios and what to wear to them. 3 different looks, with one piece in common. These looks are made to represent 3 different women, but you might see yourself in all of them. Hopefully all of you will be able to recreate your own version of the looks within your own closet! 

The first date night is going to the movies + a casual dinner. 

 What to wear on a first date. What to wear on a date to the movies. 

Here you can see 3 different women. 

The first, on the left -- she is more chill and relaxed.  Essentially she is wearing jeans, a black tank, a moto leather jacket, booties and some accessories! Without getting overwhelmed with the pieces in the photo -- step back and realize you have all of the pieces for this look. Tip: If you feel this look is more you, but you want to style it up -- add a choker or a fun heel. Your style cannot be put in a box, there is so much room to get creative. 

The second look is for the classy and sophisticated women. Women who demand to be taken seriously. This look is all in the subtle details -- the lace on the camisole, the shiny lapel on the jacket. The y necklace -- tip: I always let the longer part of this chain fall into my shirt, instead of on top of the shirt. Much sexier;). Another tip: If you are short, I do not recommend these flare jeans. They will not be flattering. I would instead go with a skinny or straight style. And if you are plus size, there is a great pair on sale for only $10 in the shopping collective below. 

The third look is for the Kardashian girl. And while some of you may laugh, 80% of women I style these days reference one of the Jenners // Kardashians as inspiration. The truth is, they set trends these days (and by they, I mean their stylist Monica Rose). This look is for the fashion forward. If you shy away from leather leggings, mix in a pair of black denim instead. This choker is only $6! 

LADIES. If you are a sneaker girl, look 1 & 3 can totally be worn with sneakers. I would say all black, gray, or white for look 1, and definitely just black for look 3. For look 2 I would stick with heels, as the flare might make your legs look stumpy without the height.  

If you look at any of these outfits and think "I could never pull that off" -- I am here to tell you the only reason you cannot pull it off is because of your mindset. Style is all about confidence. These are hot outfits and once you put them on you will feel that. And walk with your head a little higher. 

Which is your favorite??