What to wear on a coffee date

Coffee dates are the dinner dates for our generation. Things just aren't like they used to be, and I think this is one way that we wish things hadn't changed! Rarely do you meet someone who will pick you up at your front door and formally aski you out on a date. These days, it's all texting, DMs, meet me here, etc. And coffee dates. 

I recently was in an Uber Pool with a couple on their first date, and I got to know WAY too much about them in our journey (her ex-man has mom issues, more intense than her own, for example!). 

So, what to wear on a coffee date! You don't want to be too dressed up or provocative, but not too casual. And let's be honest, you want to make jaws drop. As we all do :)

Here are my suggestions: 

 What to wear on a date | what to wear to a coffee date

LOOK 1: Simple jeans & a tee - but make it form flattering jeans & a tee with special detail. Keeping it very simple. You can be dressed up in minimal details. 

LOOK 2: I am a huge fan of dresses like this (with Spanx underneath, of course:). Keep it cool with a moto-style jacket & your favorite sneakers. I always wear jackets with form-fitting dresses to cover my least favorite body attributes. Add minimal accessories -- I personally would wear a choker with this look as well.

LOOK 3: This look is so incredibly chic. I do not have the shape for it, but if you do PLEASE rock it! A jumpsuit can be the perfect look for a coffee date. It is a special look that isn't too dressy. Paired with pretty sandals, it is still not doing too much. 

Need help putting your date outfit together? Hire your own personal stylist to help you -- all via Facetime :)