Summer Style 2017 | 20+ outfits to inspire your summer!

Wondering what the style is going to be for summer 2017? Here are over 20 summer outfits that we love PLUS highlights of a few top trends for this summer.

It is popular opinion that getting dressed in fall and winter is more fun because you have so many more options. Ever heard this before? It logistically makes sense because in the winter you put on a coat, boots, scarf, sweater, etc. In summer the goal is to wear as little clothing as possible! 

This post is all about how to style yourself for summer. There are some new summer trends as well as classic styles that will always look fresh and chic. 

Here are examples of women who are killing the style game! Pay attention to the trends and similarities between the photos. If you see a woman with a similar body type to you, pay attention to how they flatter their figure. 

Trends you may have noticed:



I love how unstructured fashion is right now. It is breaking all the rules in a fun way. If your waist is the thinnest part of your body (learn how to determine your body shape here) find yourself one of the big sleeve blouses that wrap around your waist this summer. If not, there are tons of straight blouses with this fun style as well.


Wrap dresses, lots of color, high necks and flattering cuts in pretty prints can be found in every store right now. Take this in whichever direction is true to your style. I live in all black so I might invest in this pretty flamingo dress above. Great cut for an hourglass or pear shape. 


 Buy on ShopBop

Buy on ShopBop

Jumpsuits are fashion girls best kept secret. They are comfortable, breezy and usually have a uniqueness to them that brings enough style to the outfit. They are the perfect solution to the problem of how to dress stylish when it is hot outside. Cute shoes and an accessory or two and you are killing the game! 



Forever a fan of white sneakers, it is time to turn our all black attitude around for the sunnier days. As long as you are not known for spilling! White jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses - mix and match it up. Gold really pops against white, so accessorize accordingly. 



This trend is not new to me however it is much bigger this year! Nothing I love more than lace under a sheer outfit.  There are tons of different, unique styles and ways to rock this look. My clients always ask what to wear underneath a sheer item - I have two options: find shapewear that will not be noticed (i.e. nude under a colorful sheer piece, white under white, black under black) OR find a lace bodysuit to wear underneath.


The corset trend is perfect for my ladies with an hourglass shape! While the dress above has the corset attached, most are a separate piece that you can use to your advantage to highlight your tiny waist! Wear over a simple tee and shorts to take your look to the next level. 

What trend are you excited to rock this summer? Comment below!