6 Styles for Each Body Type

Hi babes & welcome to our current series, Style Refresh! 

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This week we are talking about the right outfits to dress each body type. Now that you know your body shape, let's see what you should be wearing to best flatter your figure :)

It is entirely possible that you will match with the body type & not the style of clothes I put -- that is completely fine. I am not saying if you are an rectangle shape you have to dress so colorfully - you can wear similar shapes and all black. This is just an inspiration board for the type of silhouettes you should be wearing, not the exact style!

And ALSO. If you love your body and rock your style and don't care what these tips have to say - more power to you! I have my own insecurities with my body that hold me back from rocking certain styles. I am constantly inspired of women of all shapes rocking all types of styles. Confidence is key my friends. If you are like me and want to learn specific tips for your body -- this post is for you. 

Let's start with the rectangle body figure. 

Having a rectangle body figure means you are given the opportunity to play dress up. The more ruffles, color, pleats, detail and volume, the better! Every outfit is a blank canvas, but yours is one that can never have enough paint. Have fun getting dressed, play with fabrics and patterns. Add curves to your silhouette by adding volume. All of the options above are great examples, I specifically love the striped blue dress on the bottom left because it has 3 body points that will add volume + curve to a straight figure - the neck, waist & bell of the dress. The cream skirt will also hang so beautifully on a straight figure. 

All pear figures items encourage a very feminine style. Sweetheart necklines, bright colors, peplum. Your goal is to show off your waistline, whether that's with a cropped jacket, a belted shirt or dress. Show off your shoulders to highlight your upper body as well. I am obsessed with the blouse options above for a pear shape. The black on the top left because it will highlight the waist + shoulders at the same time. The floral peplum because it is so beautiful, yet still slimming & cinching. And the black because I love a sweetheart top, I find them SO flattering, especially as an incredibly busty woman myself. The tighter bodice will again - show off the waist - while highlighting your bust. 

The hourglass figure is all about curves curves curves! Learning how to highlight your waist while accenting your bust & hips. Everything you wear should cinch at your waist - if it doesn't you will quickly lose your shape. That is the one thing you will notice above - each item either starts or ends at your waistline. If it is a longer piece, like the dresses, it will highlight your waist. You can wear loose or tight clothing, as long as you're showing off your tiniest part. Being an hourglass shape myself, preparing this board made me want to shop :) I love the dresses and jumper, as they will create a full hourglass shape entirely on their own. An easy piece to throw on and look incredible. Should I get that striped dress? 

Apple ladies, you are all about flowy + legs for days! The right flowy shirt + flare pants or skirt combo is MADE FOR YOU! You can also play with skirt + jacket sets that crop right at the waist. Find the tiniest part of your waist and wear clothes that will highlight it. Which could be directly below your bust.  I love the cream top + flare pants option because it will be so flattering on - not too tight, so it will smooth over your waist + the long, flared denim helps create a straight line from head to toe! 

Stay tuned for next week & our very last post for this series: how to make your style your own.

Thanks for following along with this series! Please let us know anything you learned in the comments below.



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