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Whatever today really means, we have made it the - "show your partner how much you love and appreciate them" - day. Some people take this day full on, with roses when you wake up and diamonds when you fall asleep. And by some, I mean like maybe 10% of partners. A LOT of fights happen on Valentines day, do I need to explain why? And there is also the very large population that does not celebrate Vday, whether single or not. Today is the perfect day to be sharing this special post, because Natalie Patterson is the perfect educator on loving yourself, first and foremost. 

I interviewed poet & bestie Natalie when I was in LA in January. Natalie is just the kind of woman that other women need to hear from, so I told her I wanted to interview her with no real agenda on what we would be discussing. Words are her thing, so I correctly assumed she would own the conversation. 

Watch us here: 

We talked for 45 minutes, which means there was a lot that you aren't going to see. The good news is, if you head to her website you will see days worth of poetry and content from her. Do not worry, she has many different platforms from which she can inspire you! 

Here are two of my favorite of her poems. I recommend you watch them! 

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