I wear black everyday.

One thing you should know right away- I wear black 99% of the time. 

My reasons for this are:

  • It is the most flattering color.
  • It pairs well together all of the time. No fuss over matching colors. You could say it's a monochromatic look. 
  • There is a consistently chic element to wearing all black.
  • I love it!!!

This has been my style for a looong time. Even when I was in college, in a town that was basically the desert, I wore black everyday. My classmates would say I always looked like I was going to meet Obama, and I would say they always looked like they just left yoga class ;)


I also just made the BIG move from LA, where I was born & raised, to NYC. Brooklyn to be exact. I have wanted to move to NYC ever since the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days came out. I am learning to dress for seasons, pack a full day bag, wear heels less (or find the perfect 2.5 inch bootie), and do all my errand shopping online. I am also embracing wearing fur, faux or real. This vest is one of my absolute favorites.

I have created my own #hashtag = #LAgirlinBrooklyn. Check it out on my page, @jocelyngarrity.

One other important fact about my style is that I get most of my pieces from consignment stores. NYC has some of the absolute best consignment stores- think of all the women who buy every new seasons entire collection. They must put last seasons items somewhere, right? To the rich & fabulous of NYC- please continue to put your best piees directly into my hands, for 80% cheaper than what you spent. 

I am wearing a wool Alexander Wang jumpsuit, which is incredibly warm. Add some UNIQLO heat teach underneath & I am ready for the coldest of days!! 


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