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There are a lot of ways that Los Angeles and NYC are different. I would argue that they have very little in common. One thing that I love is the versatility of style that is welcome in this city. You can wear a suit every single day and no one would question you. Whether you work on Wall St or at a coffee shop. Living in LA, there are certain styles & categories that every girl has- Madewell + vans, Fashion Nova lovers, beach comfy, or the perfectly chic & simple style that most of my friends rock every day. In NYC - you can wear ANYTHING. I may not love everything I see, but style is about confidence, not preference. If you can rock the crazy things I see people wearing with confidence and your head held high, who cares what anyone else thinks!!

**Please note - I strongly encourage and love anyone who wears whatever they want no matter what they wear! I just simply love the freedom of expression that NYC offers. 

All of that being said - this look is one of my favorites. You can wear this to the grocery store and it's normal. That is so exciting & inspiring! 

 How to wear thigh high boots | how to wear lace 

To be honest, I cannot wear 4 inch stilettos around NYC. I am not one of those girls, I learned quickly. Getting into my car in LA and driving somewhere in stilettos feels VERY different than the 45 minute commute on my feet that it takes here. I'd never pretend I wear shoes like this everyday! 

But do I wear lace and fur everyday? ABSOLUTELY. There are few things I find sexier than black lace. Every woman needs a little leather, lace and fur in their life. It adds a bit of glamour, and at some point every single day women need to be reminded of how GLAMOROUS we are!! 

I scored this faux fur wool lined jacket at Wasteland in Los Angeles on Melrose. If you live in LA, put aside an hour or two and dive in. I promise you will find something you never knew you always needed! 

My top is La Perla, jeans are J. Brand and boots are Steve Madden. I am wearing my favorite lace choker from Urban Outfitters. Best $18 I have ever spent! 


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