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I just wanted to say thank you, New York. Thank you for easing me into the cold weather. It is the end of January & it was really hot when  Emmanuel & I were doing these photos! Side note -- I am incredibly obsessed with his work. Emmanuel is so talented and only 21 -- true talent. Check him out. 

I found this jacket on sale at Zara for $29.99 -- have to say, I am obsessed. It mixes perfectly with my all black attire, and I love the pop of color and style it gives to my outfit. 

 How to style a moto jacket | how to wear cheetah.

I am a strong believer in the idea that you should rarely get rid of clothes. Well, let me rephrase that. Rarely get rid of neutrals. Some prints go out of style (or never really were ;) -- so definitely donate those. I have had this lace button-up from Topshop for 3 years. It was probably $30 max. And I wear it often! You will rarely see me in a button up -- if you do it will be this one. It is extremely sheer so I usually wear a lace bodysuit underneath. Keeps the lace look without showing off my goodies too much ;)

 How to wear lace | style lace and cheetah. 

I am not a big jewelry person. I wear the exact same hoops, rings and choker everyday. My rings are from consignment stores in NYC, my hoops are from Topshop (I would link them but I bought the last 5 pairs -- if something is affordable and you absolutely love it, I recommend stocking up), and my choker is from Urban Outfitters.

 Boots: Alaia | Hat: Chanel 

Boots: Alaia | Hat: Chanel 

Fun fact - my jeans are from an amazing, slightly new denim line called 1denim. I was given the honor of being an 1dentifier for the brand. I completely designed the jeans I am wearing, and they are avialable to purchase for all curvy girls! Check out the video here: 

Love this look? Feel like you have all the right pieces, just don't know how to put them together? Lets style your closet together! 


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