7 steps to getting rid of clothes! | Style Refresh

I hear too many women say that getting ready is the most stressful part of their day. It is time to learn how to get rid of clothes, create a full wardrobe + learn how to create your own style! 

All of my clients hire me because they are sick of feeling frustrated every morning. They dread getting dressed, spend so much time trying on different items, and often end up wearing something they don't feel great in.


There are a few reasons this happens.

  1. You don't know how to dress for your body, so you often feel frumpy.
  2. You hate your clothes - you don't know how to shop for yourself. 
  3. You don't know how to put outfits together. It's a gift that you don't know how to access within you - or you may argue, you do not have it at all.

Okay - if I just described you - RELAX. Take a deep breath. You are not alone, and this is why people like me exist! :)

Here is how I will help. For the month of April, TOCS will be focusing on a series called Style Refresh. You can expect the following 4 posts weekly.

  1. Getting rid of clothes - this post, keep reading :)
  2. The ten clothing items you must have.
  3. How to dress for your body type.
  4. Outfits for your body type.  

Check in every Thursday for a new post! 

You ready to refresh your style? Let's get started. First things first- get rid of the clothes you never wear.


7 questions that will eliminate unnecessary clothes in your closet!

Give yourself an entire morning to go through everything. And when I say everything I mean YOUR ENTIRE CLOSET. Shoes, bags, clothing, scarves, etc. Do one section at a time so that you don't overwhelm yourself and quit. 

Getting rid of clothing might stress you out at first, but think of it this way - if the only clothes that you own are pieces that you LOVE, you won't have to shift through clothes that you don't want to wear.

A closet full of clutter will overwhelm you when you need to feel inspired

Once we are finished, you will want to wear your clothes. Every piece will be flattering and compliment your personal style.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself about every item you own:

1. "I haven't worn that sweater in 2 years, but it's such a great piece." WRONG. If it was a great piece, you would wear it. And even if it is great, but it just isn't necessarily you or your style, get rid of it. Sell it on consignment if it was expensive - at least you can make some money back!

 This sweater is beautiful, but I NEVER wear it!!!!

This sweater is beautiful, but I NEVER wear it!!!!

2. Have you ever gotten a new article of clothing and wondered what you ever wore before you bought it? You're probably pretty sick of whatever shirt or jacket you just wore to death. You keep it because you loved it, but reality is you are unlikely to wear it again. Get rid of it. 

3. Shirts with holes? Huge stain on your favorite dress? Do you still wear your favorite tee even though it is so incredibly worn out? Throw it all out. It cannot be fixed, and it's just a reminder of that time wine ruined your outfit. 

4. Jeans that don't fit yet but you plan on fitting into soon? Give them away! Get rid of everything that does not fit you right now. You don't need or want that extra pressure every morning reminding you that you aren't at your "goal weight."  

 As beautiful as this entire outfit is -- none of it fits me right. Time to go. 

As beautiful as this entire outfit is -- none of it fits me right. Time to go. 

5. Would you buy it right now? If not, why keep it? 

6. Were you with your ex when you bought it? If it brings up bad memories, get rid of it. Who needs that energy! 

7. Is the trend over? I am a strong, strong advocate of not shopping for trends and this is why - you never want to spend money on a piece of clothing that isn't YOUR style, but instead THE style. Fast fashion comes, goes, and takes our money. Don't fill your closet with trendy clothes, because once the season is over you will be let with nothing. 

Once you decide what clothes to get rid of, get them out of your sight immediately. No looking back. If there are some items you cannot decide on, give yourself one week to wear them - sign up for our 7 day challenge and we will help you wear them.

Check back in next Thursday on how to organize your closet after the clothing cleanse.