Do I need to hire a personal or virtual stylist?

Here is the real question: do you need to hire a personal stylist? Did you even know that virtual stylists exist?

Let's talk about the who, what, when, and where to hire a personal stylist, whether in NYC or virtually. 


Who to hire - picking a stylist.

Well, we all know how to google personal stylist, or find someone on social media. Here is something that is very important: do you like how this stylist dresses themselves? Now I do not mean do you want to dress LIKE them. Because every persons style is unique to them, so chances are your body, lifestyle & personality will bring out a different style. But if you do not like how this person represents them self you do not want them teaching YOU how to represent YOURSELF. Right? 

I worked for a celeb stylist for years, lets just call her JP. She dressed everyone, but she wore work out clothes every day. And so many times people would say - SHE is the stylist? She didn't present herself as someone with style. And in this specific career, that matters. So make sure you choose someone who you admire. 

When do I need a stylist?

In all honesty the answer is now! There is only one reason to wait to get a stylist and that is if you 100% KNOW you have no clothes and need to save a bit to buy new clothes. The good thing about our service specifically is it is a low cost investment for a highly effective service. If you are unsure about your clothes, you can hire a stylist for $60 to walk through your entire closet with you.If you can afford to hire someone, whether virtually or in your city, then you should absolutely do it! Stop wishing you had your dream closet and get it already. 

Where do I find a stylist?

I’d like to say look no further! Our services are affordable, effective, and life altering. If you cannot find someone local that you like, we are available virtually through Facetime or Skype. If you live in the NY area, we are available in person.

If you do not like the style we represent, I suggest searching google for personal stylists near you and I am sure you will find someone you respect and would like to work with. 


What styling service do I need - virtual styling, personal styling?

This is something that can truly be defined in a consultation - which should be free, BTW. To give you a little head start, you have to really check in with your style and closet. Do you love to shop and have tons of great choices, but no idea how to put them together? Is your closet full of clothes that you hate and do not fit you? Do you only have the most basic pieces, and want more fun in your look? Some of you may need a fresh set of eyes on the clothes you already own, while others may need an entire shopping makeover. And some of you may just need someone to come over and tell you to get rid of that hideous skirt you have been wearing for far too long. 

Take this quiz to see where you stand with your style & if you need a professional to grace your closet.


TOCS | Our services are made for the every day person and are priced so that if you want a stylist, you can have one. We are about growing confidence more than making money. 

Here are some reviews from peoples experience with us. And if you don’t vibe with us, here is what you could get out of your experience: 

"Working with Jocelyn was a fabulous experience! She helped me put together several new outfits and that alone would have been sufficient. However, I'm so grateful that she gave me more than new outfits. She gave me confidence to put together outfits on my own, advice on how to feel more positive about getting dressed in morning and reassurance that my style works for me. If you have a closet full of clothes but can never find anything to wear, call Jocelyn! She will have you fixed up in a jiffy.” - Tandy

“I loved working with Jocelyn! She was so patient with all my questions and helped me find some creative solutions on how to style pieces that I loved but wasn't really sure how to wear. Going through my closet with her and trying on outfits was so much fun! It was like having one of your best friends come over and tell you what works and what doesn't. lol After speaking with her I have a new confidence on creating new outfits out of the clothes I already own and for that I'm grateful.” - Jessica

“Jocelyn has changed me life! Okay - that's a bit dramatic, but it's true. She spent three hours with me, first talking about my style, then reviewing my closet, finally assembling and accessorizing outfits I didn't even realize I had. It was as if I had a whole new closet when she finished. She took photos of each outfit and provided tips on how to pair items, accessories and shoes in the future. Then, I gave her a budget range and she created a shopping list (on online shopping board) to fill in the gaps with staple items that would complete my wardrobe. It was incredible and such a terrific use of my time and money. On top of that, she never made me feel silly for not knowing "all the rules". She's amazing. And she's simply a delight to be around. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a quick style refresh or even a complete re-do of their wardrobe!” - Allison 

Want to schedule your free consultation? Comment below - lets get started! 



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