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If you don't already follow Edgy on Instagram, let me guide the way: @Curlyedgy. Thank me later. I wish I had done a video interview with Edgy, because her personality is so much bigger than these words. She is one of those bubbly people that you just WANT to be around. Even discussing body insecurities, you can see her overall positivity for life. Edgy's perspective on growing up 'skinny' is one you don't hear often. Read on to learn more about her!  

What is your body story?

When I was 13, I was the slimmest. It was so bad that my dad would pay me to eat more. I ate all the time - I was like where does it go! I'd tell him, I don’t know what you want me to do, but I will take the money! He would pay me every week, that was my form of allowance. He would say - if you gain weight, I will pay you 'x' much. In my head, being slim was a bad thing. My dad would always say - you’re too fragile and people are going to make fun of you.

As I got older I was like oh screw it, I'm just going to eat whenever I want because I will never gain weight. Well, that changed. I turned 25 and my mom was like it's all down hill from here. Your metabolism is going to start going down and you shouldn’t eat so late. I said screw that, food is so good. I quickly learned she wasn’t lying!

How has blogging affected your confidence?

There is no winning, especially when it comes to blogging. I found it so interesting that you brought this topic up because you see so many bloggers and you feel like you have to compare yourself to them. Like, oh she can wear that but my body type is a little different so I can't wear that? Whatever you think is cute, just make it work. I have small boobies, some shirts are just not going to look as flattering for me as for other people, and vice versa. Once I understood that, I was like okay fine. I don’t have to have big boobs to be a woman, I have a big booty so I will work with that. You have to compromise and be comfortable with yourself. It's cliche, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 


Rock that big booty girl. Have you always felt this comfortable with yourself?

For a while it was hard for me to figure all of this out. My friends were a lot thicker than me, I didn’t blend in with them. Whether because of my hair, my body or my outgoing personality. I was trying to figure myself out and thought maybe I am too much? Or maybe I’m not enough. But then I figured out - there's always going to be a complaint. You’re too skinny. You’re too thick. Your hair is too curly, or it is too straight. So I just said whatever! I feel like a lot of people are too quick to point a finger, which usually comes from their own insecurity.

I’ve never understood why is it okay to say to someone --  you’re too skinny, you should eat more, when it isn’t okay to say you’ve gained too much weight, you should stop eating. Why is society conscious about everyones feelings, unless they are skinny? I don’t like the word skinny. I like petite, or slim. You never know what certain people are going through, and you should be kind to everyone. Learn to make whatever God gave you work. If you're slim, tall short, make it work. 

Society definitely needs to speak more cautiously when discussing thin or skinny people. Do you pay attention to how much you weigh?

Our society is too caught up on numbers. People go to the gym to look a certain way. It used to bother me when people would ask why I go to the gym, because I am already so skinny. I go to the gym because of health reasons. I probably need it more than them. It should not matter what your weight is, be comfortable in your skin.

I'm 5’4 & my friend is 4’10 and we are the same weight. But we look completely different because she’s shorter than me. One time we got into a whole discussion because she said I am so slim I can eat whatever I want. I was like we're the same weight, why do you think because you look thicker than me there is a difference? It's all an illusion. We cannot be focused on what size pant we wear. It really doesn't matter. 

Have you always had such a positive attitude?

I feel like everyone is so quick to think of the negative, and then you get caught up in it and you become negative. NOPE. I’m too social and happy. Even when I’m having a down day, people don't ever notice. My mom always says she knew I would be this energetic & positive ever since my first day of kindergarten. She says she was telling me she was going to pick me up at certain time and I was just like mom - it's fine. I got there, introduced myself to the girl next to me in line and hugged her. I looked at my mom and said, see this is my friend. I walked into school with my arm around that girl! And when she picked me up, I said oh you’re back so soon!! 


I believe that :)  How would you describe your style, and where do you shop?

There isn’t a word for my style. Or, I guess my style is edgy, without planning that!! I just put on whatever. If I think a skirt and sneakers go together, I’m wearing that. If I want to feel dressy, that is what I’m doing. My style is edgy and free. I wear a lot of bright clothing. I love to shop at Forever 21 & Zara. I’m surprised I’m not in debt with Forever yet. I feel like Forever is more fun to style. Zara is more fashion forward, and still inexpensive. I’m not trying to break the bank on a sweater and wear it once. That's how blogging is. You can't wear certain things more than once because they’ve already seen it on your blog. I’m not going to go broke for you! Not this girl. 

Does your body type affect how you shop?

I don’t think about my body type when I’m shopping. I just go to whatever grabs my attention. If I see a really nice blouse, my brain starts putting outfits together immediately. I follow other bloggers and get inspired by their outfits. To say I’m dressing for my body type.. I never think about that. I used to think the tighter the better, to show my shape. But now I think the flowier the better. I like to wear a piece that flows and belt it, so it shows my curves, versus tight and uncomfortable. If you have a booty and hips you’re constantly adjusting and pulling things down, and you can't feel confident. For my body I like loose and flowy, and adding in pieces that show my body. 

I prefer dressing cute over sexy. I feel like when I think of sexy, I think men focus on just your body. It should be more than your body that makes you sexy. I don’t want to give that impression, so my goal is always cute and comfortable.

I like how thoughtful that is. What is your favorite & least favorite body part?

My favorite part of my body is my eyes and my booty.  I feel like you can tell a lot about a person through their eyes. Shopping is a struggle with a booty. Never buy pants online!!I have a small waist, and I have booty and hips. So sometimes pants will get stuck at my hips but fit my waist perfectly. I haven’t found a pair that fit perfectly, I have to tailor everything. I only have this problem with jeans, with dresses, it's not an issue. A booty is a gift and a curse. High-waisted pants are great for me because they stretch and are super flattering. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 5.22.32 PM.png

I don’t like my legs. I’ve always been that way, so much so that growing up I would avoid wearing skirts or dresses. I always compared myself to my sister, she has great legs. I would always say I want them and my mom would say that's not how the world works! And my sister would want my petite frame. When I started blogging, I was like what the hell. I can't hide them forever. It is funny when people comment like - wow, I love your legs! Makes me realize that maybe I was bugging for no reason. You just never know. I’m getting better at that. 

That is amazing that your followers are helping you see that. I get the feeling you aren't one of those bloggers that lets their Instagram take over who they are?

When I’m walking in the streets I’m not thinking I’m @curlyedgy and you have to know me. I’m just like hey whats up. You can have all of these followers but if you aren’t putting it to good use, what is the point? I have seen influencers have breakdowns. They will say - omg I posted something similar to what someone else posted, and I didn’t get as many likes. I’m like OMG who cares! You got your content out right? And you were happy with it? Then who cares! 

Facts. We have all been there. Last words of inspiration?

You have to make the best of what you have. You can't complain for not having the perfect legs - you have legs. Stop complaining. Never go for someones physical attributes. God forbid you get into an accident and have severe burns on your face, what do YOU have to offer? Just that you weigh 132, is that really what represents you? No one is worried about their depth anymore, they compare instead of focus on themselves. 


Thank you Edgy for your vulnerability. Check out her blog here and follow her on IG here

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