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I have heard famous bloggers say (in confidence) that they don't actually dress like their photos & posts. And I remember thinking, whats the point?

I want my outfits to be relatable. I want them to inspire my readers; to help envision new ways you can wear your own clothes! And maybe see some items your closet is missing. 

The reality is my style is pretty straightforward. I enjoy wearing black, sneakers or booties, a cool jacket & the same jewelry everyday (give or take). And since I moved to NYC & experienced seasons, I can be caught wearing beanies every single day.

My stand out pieces are my jackets & shoes. What I mean by stand out is that every outfit has a base and the base consists of your essential wardrobe pieces. My base is usually black pants/leggings, a black top + a beanie, choker & hoops. I wear a different version of that everyday. The way I add style is with my stand out pieces -- dope sneakers or boots + 1 of my 50 jackets. 

 Studded Boots Rebecca Minkoff

Studded Boots Rebecca Minkoff

The reason I break this down is to show you the most cost effective way to set up your wardrobe, as well as your style! If you love vintage tees, have that be what sets your outfits apart. Stick to one or two wardrobe pieces that you love to collect, and the rest can be basics that go unnoticed as you style them with your favorite pieces. Jackets are my personal favorite because I can wear black jeans and a black tee everyday, and if I switch up my jacket the entire look is different. 

 Jocelyn Garrity The On Call Stylist 

It might be blogger faux paux to wear the same items in different posts -- but I am not your average rich girl blogger. I will instead show many different ways to wear the same pieces. I love these Vince leggings + Rebecca Minkoff boots. I wear the boots multiple times a week, and the leggings probably once a week!

I tried to wear less black for this look & quickly noticed that my go to color is green. Love this long, thin jacket. It drapes nicely. You can purchase my exact outfit below, or get similar pieces in your price range. 


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