The Perfect Going Out Outfit

I constantly hear women say that they have regular, casual outfits down. But when it comes to going out or feeling sexy, forget about it! I'm convinced everyone is overthinking it. To dress 'sexy' does not mean you come out looking like Jessica Rabbit.  Style is unique to the woman, so always take my notes as a step in the right direction, and apply them to your closet. We all feel sexy in different things. 

Today I am sharing my favorite outfit for date night, girls night, going out dancing or to dinner, etc. It is a simple outfit recipe. Ripped/boyfriend jeans + a statement heel + a sexy/feminine/fitted/girly/simple blouse. 

The casual jeans paired with a sexy top balance the look. It all comes down to whatever YOU feel best in!! The heel can be chunky, or a bootie. If you can't walk in heels & wear them anyway, the whole look will be compromised by your inability to walk in a straight line! Or, if you try to wear a tight dress and end up pulling it down all night because you're uncomfortable, you can't really get your twerk on! Wear something you can dance all night in. 

For my busty girls, you can see that I wore something low cut & sheer. However, my bra isn't creating so much cleavage that these 32G's are in your face! Don't stray away from low cut, just make sure your undergarments are matching the vibe you want to put across. If you want them in your face then push-up, push-up, push-up!

For my ladies with a big booty, it is all about finding the right boyfriend fit. It is almost impossible for me to find any because my hip to waist ratio is not the 'average' (eye roll to all jean lines) size - and I barely have a booty. I recommend finding a pair you love, buying them a size bigger and tailoring down the waist. This way, you can still have the loose fit, and it can actually look good on! 

The secret is to always accentuate the tiniest part of your body. Cinch your waist with a belt, or wear a strapless blouse and show off your collarbone. Wear tighter jeans that show off your long legs, or a tank to show off your arms. You know what your assets are - work em! If you have any questions on how to dress your body, let me know in the comments below!!

And remember, less is more. Don't do too much, overthink it, or try too hard. If your outfit has more than 3 statement pieces, minimize! 

My suggestions for your date night look!



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