8 Tips for Dressing for Each Body Type

Welcome to week 3 of the Style Refresh series! 

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This week we are focusing on how to dress for your body type. A large part of feeling insecure in your outfit centers around these thoughts: I feel fat. I look chubby. I hate my love handles. So I will just throw on something oversized, that I do not feel good it but covers my body. Sound familiar?

We are here to stop that, immediately. Reality is, we are stuck to the bodies we have until we hit the gym every day for months & stop eating bread. So until that happens, we want you to learn how to love what you have. 

First things first - let's identify which beautiful body you were blessed with. Here is a quick tutorial that will teach you how to measure your body & discover which shape fits you best.

You have a rectangle body shape if:

  • You measure and your bust, waist & hips are relatively the same. 
  • Looking in a mirror you see zero curves around your waist area. 
  • Your waist, hip & shoulder length are the same.
  • Generally, your body is straight up and down on the sides.

You have a pear shape if:

  • Your lower half measures wider than your upper half. 
  • Your hips and thighs curve out from your waist.
  •  You will have narrower shoulders. 

You have an hourglass shape if: 

  • You measure & your waist is the smallest part of  your body
  • Your curves are flattering in all the right places. 
  • Your chest and thighs are wider than your waist. 

You have an apple shape if: 

  • Your measurements show that your bust is wider than your hips. 
  • Most of your weight is above your hips.
  • Your legs are the slimmest part of your body. 


8 Style Tips for the Rectangle Woman

 Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Goal: Layer & add volume. 

  1. Ruffles, lace, volume, texture - all of these things are your friends. Wear a shirt with ruffles or multiple layers to add dimension - it makes your bust look bigger and your waist smaller. 
  2. Prefer skirts or dresses with volume on the bottom versus anything straight. 
  3. Show off your long legs with shorter items, or tight jeans. 
  4. Belt your waist to give the impression of curves. 
  5. Peplum style jackets, dresses, etc are made for you. They will elevate any curves. 
  6. Prefer wide leg denim over skinny.
  7.  AVOID baggy clothes. They will not flatter your body, they will actually make you look lost inside your clothes.
  8. AVOID clothes that are too tight. The more volume, dimension & layers - the better. 


8 Style Tips for the Pear Woman



Goal: focus on accentuating the tiniest part of your body. 

  1.  Focus on your upper half - find the tiniest part of your waist and cinch it in (see Ashanti for example). 
  2. A-line & high waisted are the best options for you. 
  3. Wear more bright colors or patterns on top and dark & neutral on bottom. 
  4. Crop jackets that hit right above your waist are your best friend. Jackets that hit mid-thigh should be avoided, as they will show zero shape.
  5. Avoid skinny jeans and stick to straight - they will elongate your legs. 
  6. Wear off the shoulder & bring attention to your upper half. 
  7. Wide necklines + sweetheart emphasis your bust + shoulders, and draw attention to your upper half. 
  8. By wearing shirts, dresses, jackets, etc that cinch at your waist, you can create an hourglass figure. 

We live in a beautiful time where pear shape is celebrated & embraced, so rock your thickness.

8 Style Tips for the Hourglass Woman



Goal: like the pear shape, accentuate your waist all day every day. 

  1. AVOID baggy clothes. Anything oversized will make you look much larger than you are, as clothing will not fall straight but will be frumpy. 
  2. Wear fitted clothing that accentuates your curves.
  3. Use a belt to cinch in your waist. 
  4. Skinny jeans are made for you, as your body is proportionate. 
  5. Wear crop tops with high waisted pants/skirts. 
  6. Pencil skirts are made for you. And these days, you can wear them with a simple tee. 
  7. Invest in a few wrap dresses + tops. They will accentuate all your curves. 
  8. V-neck tees and blouses flatter your bust without showing too much. 

8 Style Tips for the Apple Shaped Woman

 Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling

Goal: Elongate your body 

  1. Live in straight + flared jeans, as they will create an even line from your shoulders all the way down.
  2. Wear monochromatic outfits - even all black. 
  3. Avoid items that cinch in at your waist. 
  4. Wear an a-line skirt with a structured jacket to create a waistline.
  5. Wear crop items + high waisted like Mindy on the left.
  6. Choose v-necks as they elongate your figure. 
  7. Showoff your legs to deter attention from your waist. 
  8. Flowy tops are great for hiding your least favorite attributes. 

Please share anything new you learned about your body type in the comments below! Or share anything that we may have missed, any tips you have learned when dressing your body type. 

Look out for next week, we will be sharing outfit inspiration for each body type.