Fall + Winter Styles for Every Body Type

Every time you think to yourself - I could never pull that outfit off - it means one of two things:

  1. You don't think you have the confidence to wear it.
  2. You don't think you have the body for it.

In either case, I am glad you are reading this! My goal is to eliminate both of those thoughts. Every trend can fit & flatter your body type. NOT every piece - that is the clear distinction. If you are thicker in the waist like me, a stomach cutout might sound like your worst nightmare. However, if you want to wear cutouts - shoulder cutouts are a great way to bring attention from your least favorite body parts to your upper body. 

I have put together 4 equally amazing outfits that are on trend for this fall/winter for each body. These are examples of how to style your shape overall, as well as how to incorporate trends into your closet in a way that will make you feel good in your clothes. And if you do not know your body type, watch my tutorial on how to find out here. 

As always, some of you are confident enough to not need these tips, or be limited to a body type. Of course we don't all fit exactly into one of four categories, however it will help lead you in the right direction. If you don't feel great in your clothes or where your body is at right now, these are for you.

Fall Styles for Apple Body Types

If you are widest in the middle, this outfit is for you. Here is why:

  • The cutouts in the shirt bring attention away from your middle and instead focus on your collarbone.  
  • The jeans are a skinny/straight fit, which elongate and flatter your legs. 
  • A coat this length can be very slimming and elongate your shape. 

Goal: Wear clothing that pulls attention towards your chest & collarbone. Longer jackets, flowy tops, a straight cut pant will elongate and flatter your shape. Avoid wearing anything that cinches at the waist. Also avoid jackets that finish at the middle of your bum, as that will create a frumpy look.

Highlighted trends: Red, Cutouts, Turtlenecks.

Fall Styles for Rectangle Body Types

If you have a narrow and straight shape, this look is for you. Here is why:

  • The flared and ruffle denim will add volume to your shape, and because of your narrow frame it will not make you look bigger than you are. Jeans like this on a pear or apple shape would look bottom heavy, where as on you they are more balanced. 
  • The fitted bodysuit will elongate your body.
  • The jacket will also add volume to your shape.

Goal: when you have a rectangle shape you want to wear clothing that will add volume to your look, so you do not feel straight and narrow. Styles with ruffle, flare, etc are fun for you. Avoid wearing anything entirely fitted, always add layers. 

Highlighted trends: Camel, merlot, wide leg denim, bodysuits. 

Fall Styles for Pear Body Types 

If you are widest on the bottom, these style tips are for you.

  • Notice the top and bottom of this outfit have specific details that draw your eyes away from the middle. The sheer in the blouse draws your eyes to the collarbone & shoulder, while the cutouts on the bottom draw attention to your ankles/shoes.
  • The velvet shrug is the perfect length to avoid frumpiness. 
  • The denim is slim-straight, which is the perfect cut for a pear shape. Boot cut is rarely flattering. 

Goals: Wear clothing that flatters your bum, like this denim. Wear details that bring attention away from your bottom. If your waist is the tiniest part of your body, wear clothing that cinches at the waist to highlight your shape. 

Highlighted trends: Velvet, embroidery, sheer, baker boy hat. 

Fall Styles for Hourglass Body Types

If the tiniest part of your shape is your waist, this is for you.

  • The best part of this outfit is the cinch at the waist on the leather jacket. This highlights the hourglass shapes tiniest part. You can adda belt to any outfit to create this illusion. 
  • The lace, sheer bodysuit will add a sexy element under the jacket.
  • Skinny jeans/pants are great for an hourglass, as they complete the shape.
  • High waisted pants are made for you. The cut allows you to show off your bottom, while also highlighting your waist. High-waisted jeans are perfect for a crop top.

Goals: #1- wear clothing that elongates your shape and highlights your waist. Avoid a jacket that cuts mid-bum, as you will lose shape and might feel frumpy. Instead, opt for a jacket that crops at your waist. 

Highlighted trends: Velvet, fringe, lace, sheer, matte. 


You can see similarities in dressing for each body type, however the #1 thing to learn is how to flatter the parts of your body you are insecure about.


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