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Welcome back to the blog! I’m glad to be back :)

Looking over my past social posts, there is one thing that really stand out to me - any posts on how to dress for your body type are by far most popular. After discussing this with my brilliant business friend/consultant Sinead (read her blog), I realized that I need to focus in on what I know more than anything else - how to dress a curvy body!

The word curvy can have many different interpretations. It can mean plus-size, thick (what does that even mean these days), petite with a big butt, skinny with huge boobs, pear shape, rectangle shape, hourglass... the list goes on. And let's be honest - there isn't really a one-size-fits-all checklist for every woman. We are more than an hourglass or pear shape. that is just a place to start the conversation.

The average woman in America weights 166.2 pounds. I weigh 10-15 pounds less than that & am a size 8 dress/pant with a 32G bust. I've struggled my whole life with how I look. Some people may read this and think I look perfectly fine, while others may read it and think I am overweight. We all have different bodies & ideas of what is beautiful. You never know what another persons struggles are - they may be a size 2 and have an eating disorder.  Be gentle & kind with one another, no matter what size.


People are always shocked when I say I'm a 32G. I think I'm so well-proportioned that my breasts don't necessarily stand out. I had a client yesterday that was a size 16, but I couldn't tell for the same reason. Because the worlds view on a size 16 is a 'fat girl,' she views herself as such. I saw her in a beautiful dress and told her she looked amazing. She couldn't see it through her insecurities - she kept talking about her arms & saying "do I just look like another fat girl?" I looked her straight in the eyes and said - "I am not looking at you from a lifetime of insecurities about your body. All I see is a gorgeous women wearing a beautiful & flattering dress. I don't see your arms. I don't even notice them! So hear me when I say this - you look STUNNING." She got the dress, and took in what I said. Sometimes, you just need to see yourself as the world sees you.                                                           

As for me, my mom was 5'3 and weighed around 115 pounds her whole life. She was OBSESSED with her weight - constantly dieting and talking about working out. How her body looked each morning would affect her mood. It got to the point where my youngest brother was saying he needed to diet when he was three years old, because he heard about dieting so often. I naturally took on all of these insecurities and more, considering I was taller and bigger than her.

In high school I would measure my stomach every single morning and if I was an inch higher than the day before, I would be depressed/eat less. I was friends with all the skinny girls, and always felt like an ugly duckling. I started styling my friends in middle school and put them in all the cutest clothes at Forever 21. They all looked cute, while I was wearing oversized sweaters because I was a DD cup + size 10 while everyone else was an A cup + size 00. Some of my family members would make comments about how I have gained weight or needed to lose weight, or how I was more of a 12 than an 8. I felt terrible about myself. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 12.59.59 PM.png

 Up until I was 23, I constantly felt fat, unattractive, and 100% thought that the reason men/boys never liked me was because of my weight. I would always think - if I was a size 4, he would like me. ALL my skinny friends always had guys going after them. 

Turns out, I just was around the wrong men ;) When I was 23 I entered a new community, my style changed completely and my confidence sky rocketed. I learned how to flatter my curves & feel sexy everyday. If you check out my Instagram feed, you will see that I wear lace 5 days a week. I feel great in it! 

Learning to dress my huge boobs and love handles changed my life, my confidence & my relationships. I really want to help other women figure out how to flatter their bodies as well, because that confidence will translate to every area in your life. 

That is what I want for my readers. I want to talk to the girls who just don't know how to dress their body. With my Instagram, Pinterest & this blog I plan to give as many tips as possible to encourage YOU to learn to love your body. And even if you wake up some days feeling absolutely disgusting, which I do too - I want you to know how to dress so well that you start to feel better. 

Can you see the difference? You can actually SEE my shape. 

The left was 2012 & the right was a month ago :)


Look forward to more articles on how to style your body, what seasonal trends will and won't work for you, how to feel sexy everyday, where to shop AND MORE :) I want to hear from you - what are the current struggles you have? Comment below! 



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