Why Every Woman *NEEDS* a Tailor

Have you ever tried something on and felt if it was a little more fitted, it would be absolutely perfect? And then walked out of the store, leaving that perfect item behind?

I know you have & I am here to tell you to STOP doing that. Do you know what a fit model is? It is a person who is used by a fashion designer to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of a design on a 'real' human being. Which means that every single clothing line chooses a model that fits the demographic of their target customer and fits all of the clothing to that body type. This is why sometimes I am a 6, 8, 10. Because there is not 1 universal measurement for each brand.

This means a few IMPORTANT things.

  1. Curvy girls - the reality is, most brands do not think of us. Most brands are not making their shirts for bigger than a C cup, or for the girl with a size 2 waist and 36 inch butt. 
  2. Do not pay attention to your size. Do not become depressed if you try on jeans and all of a sudden you went from a 28 to a 30. It could absolutely be the brand you are trying and how they wanted their clothing to fit.
  3. For you to expect clothes to always fit you is unrealistic. What you need to start doing is finding something you love, buying it a little big & have it taken in. Don't let size deter you from buying an item you love and need! Fix the problem yourself. 
  4. This one comes with time - learn how to alter something to look good on you. Last night I was at an event & a friend said "I could never wear that white suit, it is meant to hang on a skinny body - it would look like a bag on me." I told her - what if you took the same white suit and tailored it so that it showed your waist & hugged your curves, instead of hiding them? Then it would work & be sexy. Same suit, but for her body.

Are you thinking how expensive it will be to tailor all of your clothes?

Exciting news - it will actually save you $$$

I get my clothes tailored by a woman I trust at a local dry cleaner, and most items range from $10-25, depending on the amount of work it will take. Buying jeans you love and spending $10 to fix them will save you money if the alternative is buying 3 pairs of pants you don't love. Go to Yelp, ask your friends, and find someone you can trust/afford with your clothes!

Some major tailoring tips:

  • If you have a booty, add fish eye darts to accentuate it. 
  • Jacket length- have your jackets tailored so that they stop at your tiniest part or go past your butt. If you are a pear, apple, or hourglass you do not want to wear a jacket that ends at the middle of your bum because it will make you shapeless - unless it is fitted in the waist and flares out.
  • Make sure the item you purchase fits your shoulders - it is easier to have everything else taken in, and almost impossible to alter shoulders. 
  • Although it is generally easier to take something in, you can occasionally add breathing room to an item. The seam may have room to be let out, you can add a vent/slit, or you can even sew in a new panel of fabric. 
  • Add darts to the back of your blouses to narrow the fit. 
  • Close the pockets of tight pants! This will eliminate that visible pocket all of our mothers hate. 
  • For my busty ladies - have you ever been able to wear a button-up successfully? You can now! Just add an hook-and-eye to the sections that are pulling open. **And always have your shirts contour your tiniest parts by tailoring in an inch or two under the bust. 
  • Hem your pants no more than ½ inch from the floor in the back, to create a long and lean look. And take the shoes you will wear and try them on with pants when the tailor is fitting you. 
  • Never spend more than half of what you paid for the item on your tailoring. 

This beautiful blogger from Love Notions tailored this dress to fit her waist and bum by adding fish eye darts. You can see that she eliminated all of the extra fabric in the back and created a sleek & slimming new cut for the dress. 


Sometimes tailoring takes creativity, but if you know what your fit issues is then your tailor should be able to adjust to your needs.

What is your specific shopping issue? Comment below & I will answer all with the proper tailoring solution.



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