Hello, and welcome to The On Call Stylist blog! 

The reason I created The On Call Stylist & fell in love with styling is because I believe that STYLE = CONFIDENCE. I have seen this over and over again; in clients, friends, coworkers and myself. When you feel good about how you look, you will feel better about yourself as a whole. If you feel frumpy, underdressed, or completely out of style -- it translates to your confidence as well! 

Ever heard the saying, 'Look good, feel good?" It is a real thing.

Why The On Call Stylist? Because I am sick of dressing celebrities and random actors/actresses/dancers. The reality is, most of them are already PRETTY confident. And they have handfuls of people at their beck and call that can help them get an outfit together.

But what about stay at home moms? Teachers? Single women who have a girls night this weekend and have no clue how to dress to get a guys attention, without looking too slutty vs too homely? How do you dress for an interview for your dream job? Everyday, women face situations that are overwhelming. We are by nature incredibly strong, multitasking superheroes that often take on far too much. We want to take some of that stress off your back - first thing in the morning. 

Let's start here. We will be blogging about the following topics. Let us know if you'd like to see anything else. 

  • Personal style posts. How & why we put outfits together. 
  • Our favorite celeb looks and how to recreate them on a budget
  • How to dress for certain occasions (dates, interviews, parties, etc).
  • Sales you need to know about!
  • and more!!! 

Thanks for checking in. Thanks for being part of our community.

We are excited to bring you TOCS Style SLAYAGE on this blog! 

2017, we're coming for you.

- J. 


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