Summer Style 2017 | 20+ outfits to inspire your summer!

Wondering what the style is going to be for summer 2017? Here are over 20 summer outfits that we love PLUS highlights of a few top trends for this summer.

It is popular opinion that getting dressed in fall and winter is more fun because you have so many more options. Ever heard this before? It logistically makes sense because in the winter you put on a coat, boots, scarf, sweater, etc. In summer the goal is to wear as little clothing as possible! 

This post is all about how to style yourself for summer. There are some new summer trends as well as classic styles that will always look fresh and chic. 

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6 Styles for Each Body Type

This week we are talking about the right outfits to dress each body type. Now that you know your body shape, let's see what you should be wearing to best flatter your figure :)

It is entirely possible that you will match with the body type & not the style of clothes I put -- that is completely fine. I am not saying if you are an rectangle shape you have to dress so colorfully - you can wear similar shapes and all black. This is just an inspiration board for the type of silhouettes you should be wearing, not the exact style! 

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8 Tips for Dressing for Each Body Type

This week we are focusing on how to dress for your body type. A large part of feeling insecure in your outfit centers around these thoughts: I feel fat. I look chubby. I hate my love handles. So I will just throw on something oversized, that I do not feel good it but covers my body. Sound familiar?

We are here to stop that, immediately. Reality is, we are stuck to the bodies we have until we hit the gym every day for months & stop eating bread. So until that happens, we want you to learn how to love what you have. 

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10 Wardrobe Essentials + 10 outfits for Every Closet

This week, we are discussing the ten wardrobe essentials that every woman needs in her closet. The ten things that will complete your wardrobe & make getting dressed every day easier. Plus, see ten outfits that can be made using these wardrobe essentials.

If you own all of these ten pieces, you will have the ability to make over 20 outfits! Think of it like cooking - when you go grocery shopping, you probably do not but every ingredient to 7 different recipes. You buy the minimum ingredients necessary to make meals for 7 days. Save money, stay simple + invest in essential pieces that you will always need. 

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New York Personal Stylist Client | Ana

Introducing my NY client Ana - a gorgeous Venezuelan singer. Ana wanted help putting outfits together from her closet for a photo shoot for her music campaign. It's always a fun challenge to create outfits out of clients closets that they have never put together before.

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