Sueann | Los Angeles

After I gave birth to my daughter Cora, none of my clothes quite fit the same. What no one tells you about having your first child is that you basically don't invest in your clothes for a year: not during the 9 months of pregnancy or in the several months that follow. By the time Cora was born, not only did my clothes not fit right, but I was out of fashion (let's be honest - I wasn't really "fashionable" to begin with either).  Additionally, the thought of trying on clothes in a store with an infant seemed like a nightmare. So Jocelyn and I talked about what I was looking for, and she brought over multiple options and outfits for me to try at home. She understood my "style" and I ended up liking practically everything she brought over. Not only did working with Jocelyn give my wardrobe a facelift, it encouraged me as a new mom to feel like me again!