Virtual Styling ((World))

In Personal Styling ((NYC & LA))


Virtual Styling 

Closet Makeover | $150 3 hours

First we will discuss who you are & your style goals. We will go through your entire closet, editing any outdated items & keeping a list of the items you need to complete your wardrobe. I will create a minimum of 8 brand new outfits with your closet. You will receive an email of any items you need to purchase. 

Quick Style Fix | $25 + 20 minutes

I am available to you on call. This is ideal for those 'last minute, heading somewhere and cannot decide what looks best' moments. We all have them.  Best if this occurs after the Closet Makeover, so I am already familiar with you and your style.

Unlimited Style Advice | $50 + 1 calendar month

If you want to text me your outfit every single morning, you can. I love to help, from first date outfits to a gym look that can be worn for errands. Get a professional opinion on what to buy, wear & never wear again - every day.

Get styled today! 



Closet Makeover| $250 + 3 hours

Together we will productively get rid of what you don't need, make a list of what you do, & come up with minimum 8 new outfits. Most importantly - we will discuss body type, get past any style fears you have, push your confidence & embellish your style.

Personal Fitting | $950 = 3 days work for me, 1 for you.

Hate shopping? Let me do it for you. We will discuss what you need over coffee & then I will shop in all the appropriate stores for your budget to bring you the best options. I will arrive at your house with a rack and a LOT of bags, set up and walk you through what I found. You keep what you want, I return the rest. Together we will create items mixing your new & old pieces. 

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Want a service you do not see? Email me - we can do anything!