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Quick Style Fix | $25 for 20 minutes

How many times have you gotten to your closet and thought - OMG, what am I going to wear? This is where I come in.

I am literally available to you on call. This is ideal for those 'last minute, heading somewhere and cannot decide what looks best' moments. We all have them.  Best if this occurs after an intro 60 min session, so I am already familiar with you and your style.

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What our clients say -

"Working with TOCS was just what I needed to gain back some confidence after having a baby. Not only did Jocelyn totally empower and encourage me, but she took what I already had in my closet and put looks together in a way I would have NEVER thought to do! The next night I had a girls dinner and got compliments from all the girls on my outfit. Best part was I felt better and more confident in my own clothes than I had in a LONG time." - Noelle | Tampa