In Person Styling  


Closet Makeover | $225 3 hours

Whether you love everything in your closet but only wear the same pieces everyday, or need an entire new style -- I'm here to help. Together we will:

- discuss what you want your style to be

- go through your entire closet, getting rid of any pieces that are dated, unflattering, or do not fit into the style we are creating

- make 10 outfits out of what you already own + take photos of each look

- come up with a list of the items you need to add to complete your wardrobe 

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Lets go shopping! | 5 hours $250

I recommend that this as a follow up to the closet makeover. If you already know your closet lacks any potential, we can start here! 

We will have a phone call prior to our shopping date, discussing your style, budget, & needs. From there I will create a map of stores that we can hit in those 3 hours. I will fill the holes in your wardrobe, stay within your budget, and together create your new look!

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Personal Shopping | Email for rate

Whether you’re in need of a complete wardrobe makeover or some new pieces to complete your closet, I’m here to help. We will start in your closet where I’ll assess your needs. Then I will go shopping for you, finding only pieces that fit within your style goal and budget. After we’ve gathered your personally curated items, we’ll reunite for a styling session in your home where you try on and choose the pieces you’d like to keep. We’ll also talk about how you can wear them with other items in your existing wardrobe, style them into new outfits, and take pictures of each one. I will take care of all the returns/exchanges, and you’ll be left with a brand new wardrobe!


Stylist for shoot | $300 per day 

Need a stylist for set? I am available for photo shoots, music videos, commercials, etc. 

Minimum of 3 days work - shopping, shoot + returns. 

Contact me if interested!