Amanda | Los Angeles

Being styled by Jocelyn was so much fun!  It is very easy for me to get into a "style rut," not giving myself the freedom to explore something new and different.  Jocelyn helped to give me the confidence to try something new, that I never thought I could pull off and enjoy.  It renewed my spirit in an unexpected way!  As a mom of two active boys, I need a style that I feel good in and that I can do all the many different types of activities that I do in a day -- going to a park, running errands, cleaning my home, going out to coffee with a friend, putting a puzzle together on the living room floor.  I want to get dressed once and be able to do it all, in comfort.  Jocelyn did a great job of putting me in something functional for my lifestyle.  The boys were so excited to see me looking "cute" and feeling confident and fun.  So beneficial for us all!